Month: May 2015

JTP 009: AN interview with Jonathan W aboard the USS Iowa Battleship

A very cool interview with Jonathan Williams, president and CEO of the Pacific Battleship Group. He has probably the coolest job title of anyone we’ve ever met. He runs the USS Iowa Battleship museum in San Pedro (Long Beach), CA. He has a great sense of humor and some very interesting stories. But we couldn’t fire the guns…..we tried. Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android |...

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JTP 008: Interview with Game Company owners Dan and Holly Verssen

In this episode I interview Holly and Dan Verssen, the owners of DVG Games. Not only are they the owners but they are married  (to each other of course). The main focus of the interview is what it’s like to own a company together and how to do that and be happily married at the same time. Plus they raised a family while doing this. It’s a great story about how to start and run a business from the ground up and then balance life, marriage, parenting , and stress. We discuss some business thoughts they have as well...

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JTP 007: Bad Pickup Lines, Things not to say to your Wife or a Cop

In this episode we first discuss all of the bad pickup lines that we’ve heard. Then we move on to Things to Never say to your wife. We end up with things to never say to a cop. Now one of the problems with this podcast is that there is a lot of background noise. The reason for this is that my wife and Keith’s girlfriend were talking to our mom. Since part of the podcast was things to not say to your wife we thought it best to just let them talk.  I mean, if we said something, how would...

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